Hanging out with Hottie Brin Amberlee...

Shooting in LA with Brin in a warm cozy bed! I asked Brin a few questions to share with you guys! 

LL: What is your favorite way to be shot?

Brin: I like to shoot more glamorous type photos. I have tattoos so that already gives me an edgy look, so I like to try and play up the girl next door type shots and throw people off. 😛

LL: What was the craziest thing that ever happened on set?

Brin: Well once I showed up to a shoot I had to do my own makeup for.. and forgot my makeup. So we tried to do more "artsy" looking away from the camera type shots. Yikes.. What a disaster. Haha.

LL: Give us one on set tip, either for the photographer or the model...

Brin: I always try to look just right above the lens so it doesn't look like my eyes are half closed in my photos. Although maybe that's just a personal problem. 🤔😂

Here is a little peek into what it takes to create these images...

Tell us some of your favorite ways to shoot women!